Worship With Us
Fairhope Faith Church
5660 Louisville St. N.E., Louisville, Ohio

Rev. Wayne Scott, Pastor

We have some wonderful Sundays planned these next several weeks!  May 19 is Pentecost Sunday:  the Birthday of the Church!!  Our Nurturing and Outreach Committee is planning a Birthday Party – you will not want to miss it!  Then May 26 our Lay Leader, Pete Carpico, has a very, very special Message planned!  So, keep coming to church!  You will be glad you did!!  Invite a friend!!  And keep BEING the church each and every day!! 

We are excited to host our Preschool staff and families on Sun., May 19th during our celebration of Pentecost!  Another year of preschool is quickly coming to a close.  We are excited to celebrate with them, and will have a cake celebrating the birthday of the church and even a pinata for the kids!  

Single Moms and All Women:  We are  offering a Bible study called, "Boundaries" on Tuesdays.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. in our fellowship hall.  Dinner, support and babysitting are available.  

Giving Through Your Mobile Phone:

If you would like to give through your mobile (cell) phone, you can now click on the Google "play store" or the Apple App Store and download the Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement app.  It will ask you for the church name.  After you enter that, you can type in your email and make up a password.   Then you just put in the amount you would like to give, and follow the instructions.